Council elections just around the corner

The last few weeks have been busy as council prepares to go in to caretaker mode prior to the local government elections.

Nominations open for council elections on September 4; if you are interested in becoming a councillor please give one of the staff a call at the office.

I have been in Adelaide in the past month or so, advocating for the council against the proposed rate capping legislation that may be bought in.

This could be detrimental to the council in the future, particularly for things like the medical clinic purchase which the council may not have been able to do that under rate capping.  

The Local Government Association will continue to lobby the state government on behalf of all councils in South Australia.

Myself, the chief executive officer and some senior staff attended a tourism round table meeting with Regional Development Australia and other Eyre Peninsula Councils.

This meeting gave us a good insight into our tourism potential on the Eyre Peninsula and some ideas to work towards in the future and we know the value of tourism in our region.

The August council meeting was the last meeting of the current council prior to the council election and formation of the new council.

A key decision from this meeting was the commitment to donate $100k towards the Streaky Bay and District Medical Clinic, council hopes this donation will assist them to keep the operations going and continue their recruitment for permanent GPs.

The committee and clinic staff are doing a great job and the work involved cannot be underestimated.

I attended the annual general meeting at the beginning of August and the work the committee is undertaking to both understand the health system and source a new doctor, including meeting with many ministers, is a credit to them in the short time they have had the clinic.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the councillors for their commitment and work sitting on the council for the last term, we have achieved a lot and hope this continues in the future.


Streaky Bay District Council mayor