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Councils need to listen

Perspicuous and decisive evidence that duly elected members of local, state and federal governments are hearing, but not listening to the concerns of ratepayers or voters is provided by the ongoing dispute over rate capping.

With west coast councils and the LGA, both being united in their opposition to the newly elected governments legislation to introduce rate capping, it is clear that both groups are paying scant regard to the wishes of ratepayers, who in a recently released poll showed that 77 per cent of respondents supported rate capping.

Also, the Marshall government was elected with a majority, after making it plainly evident prior to the March 2018 election, that rate capping was a policy they would pursue if they won government.

The voters made an informed choice and yet those who oppose rate capping wish to deny voters of this choice.

Councils of today have become quasi-governments, with an ever expanding responsibility for the provision and delivery of services, resulting in exorbitant rates, which should be funded by state or federal governments.

Local councils need to focus on eliminating unnecessary expenditure, living within their means and not continually running large deficits which ratepayers are ultimately forced to pay for.

Local councils and the LGA would be better served by focusing their energies on making state and federal governments accountable for services and programs which our communities desperately need.

They both need to stand up for ratepayers, rather than merely acquiescing to federal or state governments and continually letting them off the hook for those things which they are responsible for.

Ratepayers also need to become more vocal in providing their local council with constructive and much needed input into decisions which have a financial or social impact on their district or town.

If councils do not receive this, decisions they make will be limited to elected council members and relevant local government staff.

If we do not avail ourselves of this opportunity, we relinquish the right to question decisions which are made.

To say that councils today are going well beyond their original focus of "roads, rubbish and rates" is blatantly obvious and needs to be addressed urgently, before many rate payers, particularly those on fixed incomes, can no longer afford to pay their annual rates.

Ratepayers and electors need to demand from all levels of government, what they actually need rather than what they want.



Questions for councils against drilling

Let’s begin by saying it is great councils and communities are taking a stand on a topic.

On the issue of drilling in the Bight, I am neither for it or against it because it is a complex issue and don’t want to be seen as a hypocrite when I still drive around in a motor car that sill uses oil based products such as diesel.

I would like to ask the question of those councils, who have taken a stand against drilling in the Great Australian Bight - have councils made any changes to practices in the use of oil and oil based products?

These councils need to do more than voice concerns; they need to be proactive, moving away from using oil and oil products to reduce the need for further exploration.

It is okay to say, “not in my backyard”, “no drilling in our Bight”, but we also need to consider the impact on other countries environments and backyards that produce oil for us to use.

All coast lines and habitats on this earth and Australia, deserve the same respect, value and stance that councils are taking for the Great Australian Bight.

Even on an individual level, have people who joined the campaign, made a change away from oil and oil based products?

Placing the sticker, “Fight for the Bight” on your car does not lower the demand on oil supplies.



Nuclear goes against the grain

All hands on deck.

Join ‘It goes against the grain’.

Mr Turnbull's jobs for youth indeed!

We have growth but not sufficient credit to consume.

We need debt free credit to balance production and provide all citizens with a dividend for work well done, rather than risk contamination of our soil and water.

The mining, drug and chemical companies will continue to make millions at our expense, and ship our real wealth out of Australia.


Streaky Bay

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