New presiding member for NRM

Mark Whitfield has been appointed as the presiding member for the EP NRM Board.

Mark Whitfield has been appointed as the presiding member for the EP NRM Board.

The Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management (NRM) board has a new presiding member following the appointment of Mark Whitfield by Environment and Water Minister David Speirs on Wednesday.

This follows the resignation of the former presiding member Diana Laube who will stay on as a board member until the end of her term in April 2020.

Mr Whitfield, who has been a member of the EP NRM Board since 2011, takes up the presiding member role immediately.

Mr Speirs said he looked forward to working with Mr Whitefield as the government progresses Landscape SA reforms.

“Mr Whitfield is the ideal successor to Ms Laube as he was chair of the Board’s former Water Resources Advisory Committee and has a strong understanding of water resource management on Eyre Peninsula,” he said.

“He successfully guided the NRM Board through the current water allocation planning process.

“He is also chair of the Board’s Risk and Audit Committee and has an excellent understanding of corporate governance; and has strong links to local government through the City of Whyalla and District Council of Franklin Harbour.

“I’d also like to thank Ms Laube for her significant contribution to the Board since her initial appointment as a board member in June 2013.”

The Marshall Government aims to significantly reposition natural resources management in South Australia by decentralising decision-making, increasing community voice and empowering boards to deliver powerful on-ground works that will sustain, nurture and revitalise South Australia’s natural environment.

“Landscape SA will put local communities at the heart of sustaining, conserving and revitalising our state’s natural resources,” said Mr Speirs.

“This reform will be achieved by repealing the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 and replacing it with the Landscape South Australia Act.

“The Marshall Government aims to introduce the Landscape South Australia Bill into Parliament in the first quarter of 2019 and will shortly begin consulting with the community and key stakeholders on what this legislation should contain.”