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Bore questioned

I have recently been in communication with SA Water regarding the sinking of a new bore on Bramfield Hill, I would like to keep the wider community informed and perhaps draw on some knowledge or feedback from others with experience in this matter.

SA Water circulated a letter to its Elliston’s customers in April, citing the Eyre regions` sustainability in water supply and quality as its reason for sinking a new bore on Bramfield Hill.

I received a copy of the letter six weeks later (from a third party), and after hearing rumours of borefields planned for the area and lead (Pb) in the town water supply, I immediately contacted SA Water and DEWNR.

Rising salinity (above good palatability in the Australian Drinking Water guidelines) in the Elliston water supply is the reason for the new bore; the logic being, drawing from multiple bores reduces the chances of saline water being drawn into the system.

I questioned this logic, on the grounds that Bramfield Basin is a closed system, i.e. a finite amount of water is present.

Drawing from a slightly different spot without reducing the total consumption will only temporarily alleviate rising salinity.

Also, without monitoring to the west (between the pumping bores and the sea), how can we be sure of the cause of the rising salinity?

The lead has been confirmed, however whilst this is “within limits”, I have been denied the specific test results.

The borefield plan has thankfully been denied, though DEWNR has recently sunk a new monitoring bore 1.5km south of Bramfield (away from the ocean).

To cut a long story short, it turns out DEWNR have refused to communicate with me in writing.

SA Water has communicated politely, but economically.

SA Water has apparently breached the Water Allocation Plan by sinking a bore within an Environmental Protection Zone without satisfying the minister (David Speirs) that environmental flows will not be affected.

I have forwarded all communications to Peter Treloar, David Speirs and Mark Parnell.

I am interested in having an independent town water test done but need 25 people to put in $10 each to cover the cost.

Anyone wanting more information, or who would like to add their opinion or experience, or would like a town water test please contact me 8687 9169 timj.annat@gmail.com



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Last week it was announced that Western Eyre Peninsula would lose its dedicated arts and cultural development facilitator.

Really sad that country arts on the west coast won’t be represented locally just another nail in the coffin for country SA great work Jayne Holland for our community.


Even though I may be biased I have to say that this decision by Country Arts is putting the Arts community on EP back in the dark ages! I know how hard you have worked sis and this is hard to fathom!


We have gone backwards. What a stupid decision to put off our hard working arts officer. Arts will be worse off without Jayne leading the way for us. So sorry!