‘Sista 2 Sista’ celebrates Aboriginal women

The first ‘Sista 2 Sista’ event for 2018 with its theme of ‘phenomenal women’ was hosted late last month in celebration of Aboriginal women from all walks of life.

More than 60 women were in attendance at the Far West Aboriginal Sporting Complex for the Family Violence Legal Service Aboriginal Corporation (FVLSAC) event, including women from Ceduna and communities such as Yalata.

Keturah Coleman from FVLSAC said the aim of the event was to ensure local women had information regarding family and domestic violence and to let them know that as an organisation and community they were there to support them.

“We realise that our women need reminding of their strength and resilience and how they can all inspire each other to live safer lives,” she said.

“Sista 2 Sista Day aims to do that and we have found the best way to celebrate strength and resilience and motivate community is to share personal stories.

“We are very grateful to the five local women who were courageous enough to tell us about the different challenges they have faced in their lives and how they had overcome them.”

The women were introduced to new FVLSAC staff members, Ceduna-based lawyer Brittany Carmody and chief executive officer Kate Clarke, while there were five ‘phenomenal women’ guest speakers ranging from 20 years old to 70, talking about life experiences and who inspires them, plus advice for the younger generation.

The women in attendance took part in activities throughout the day, including creating bath bombs and bath salts made with the bush medicine the women made at the last event in December, while they were pampered with free haircuts from Tracy Chandler and a massage from Stai Stinear.

There were free health checks conducted by Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service Aboriginal Corporation staff.

Save the Children provided a playgroup for mothers in attendance with young children, while there were also raffle prizes to be won.

Ms Coleman said FVLSAC thanked the service providers who supported the event and looked forward to continuing to work with them to reduce family violence within the region.

“We like to give the women a day for just them, where they can relax, enjoy and share their stories if they feel comfortable,” she said.

“Each one we have held so far has had awesome outcomes and the women always look forward to our next one.”

The next Sista 2 Sista event is set for December.

For more information head to https://www.facebook.com/FVLSAC/