Faith Notes

G’day, some of you may have seen my vehicle with a new sticker on it, looks like a map of Australia (roughly), it represents a pair of arms encompassing Australia.

This is the new look of Frontier Services (standing with people in the bush).

We follow in the footsteps of Reverend John Flynn of the outback, founded over 100 years ago, we are called Bush Chaplains, women and men who are called to give their love and time to “standing with people in the bush”.

Last week I was privileged to be invited to Ian and Bev Bergmann’s farm at the gathering of the “Goode Ag Bureau”.

This was my first official function as Bush Chaplain, Ceduna Remote Area, Frontier Services.

I presented a reflection on “men’s health” and how important it was to recognize some indicators of change in one’s health, in mental stability, also early signs of depression etc.

At that meeting I experienced the love and commitment that those people have for the land, cropping and farming, it was a time of sharing expectations, dreams, hopes and also fears and of course the weather…rain…when was it going to rain?

When we become overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control we might give up all hope.

So, out of this meeting I would like to encourage those who find themselves overwhelmed please talk to someone, there are good listeners out there.

In that listening and talking hope can be the only thing we have. I would like to share my sister’s poem.

What is Hope? Hope is something we cling to, in our troubles today!

For Hope is desire, combined with belief, that everything will turn out okay!

Hope gives us strength to continue, and courage, when things go wrong.

Hope will never disappoint us, for if we stand with it, then we are strong!

Hope gives us comfort in our dismay, when clouds of darkness come our way!

So cling to Hope in all you go through, trust and believe,God, will always help you through!

Bless ya.

Pastor Gary Ferguson

Ceduna Uniting Church