Penong Saltbush Flats won again by Dobbins

BACK-TO-BACK: President Phil Laws presents the jacket to champion Peter Dobbins.​
BACK-TO-BACK: President Phil Laws presents the jacket to champion Peter Dobbins.​

The 2018 Penong Saltbush Flats Invitational Golf Day was held on the manicured Penong Golf Course on  Friday, June 1 as a lead up to the Ceduna Open. 

As usual all players met at the course gazebo for a chicken and Bubbles/Port breakfast . 

President Phil ‘Shirl’ Laws welcomed all to the now famous event and highly sought after invitation to play in the event.

This year’s invitational golfer was the much feared Gavin Haynes from Ceduna who reduced his handicap to near single figures.

The few rules were explained to the group by captain Bill Klaebe, cards were given out by handicapper Roger Freeman, who had been quite brutal with some of the player’s handicaps from last year. 

From the start it was obvious who everyone was going to chase as Peter ‘Dobbo’ Dobbins eagled the first extremely tricky hole, chipping out to save putting on the mountainous imitation lawn green.

Other players showing form during the morning were Keith ‘Carro’ Carrington and ‘they call me Bruce’ Woods, both showed they were practicing through the year. 

Dobbo showed great form winning the long drive and finishing the front 9 square with the card followed closely by Carro and Bruce with several others in hot pursuit. 

Lunch at the clubhouse was once again superb, a resort style buffet including the repeating meat loaf was presented  by convenor for the day Sharon Laws and as is customary numerous toasts of fine Clare Valley wines were partaken by all especially the leader prompted by toastmaster ‘Phoompy’ Price . 

After lunch play commenced, Justin ‘Chook’ Baker knuckled down and with his “Happy Gilmore” approach started to come good although former champion Kieron ‘Cogga’ Warmington couldn't match his winning form.

Our host and president Shirl in his new motorised buggy was also having trouble mastering the scrapes, Phoompy who perhaps had overjoyed the role of toasting was causing a little trouble with his choice of music, golf shots and general assistance on the course and his score showed it. 

It was extremely pleasing to see Carro out playing the back nine, last year he was struck down by the dangerous Red Virus and was unable to complete the round . 

Bruce Woods and John ‘Shrimpy’ Nielsen were both playing very serious golf and had a chance to wear the coveted jacket. 

Ash Baum, noted wine critic from Killikannon Wines, was struggling to come to terms with the slippery and unpredictable scrapes. 

As soon as play finished everyone adjourned to the clubhouse for refreshments and socialising prior to the presentations . 

After handicapper Roger Freeman and captain Bill Klaebe had checked the cards and compiled the results the winners were announced as follows. 

​President Laws presented the coveted jacket to Peter Dobbins, the first back to back winner of this event, with Keith Carrington runner up 

A. Baum was PM winner ahead of J. Nielsen with Phoompy Price getting the NAGA award.

Trophies were supplied by Justin Baker from CasKayde Property Services - Ceduna and CGU Insurance.

After presentations a round of applause was given to Phil and Sharon Laws, proprietors of the famous Comet Cafe and General Store, for hosting the event and providing such wonderful meals within their busy working day. 

As a final note players were warned that if they thought handicapper Freeman was tough this year, they have not seen nothing yet!