New community noticeboard in place

Streaky Bay District Council Mayor Travis Barber.
Streaky Bay District Council Mayor Travis Barber.

The towns new community noticeboard has been installed!

Despite some unfounded mistruths being posted of late, the board was vandalised with the glass being smashed.

The new board took some time to be designed, costed, built and installed as quickly as possible, but as you can see by the amount of detail and effort that has gone into the mosaic work, by some very passionate community members it has been well worth the wait; a piece of work to be admired and proud of by townspeople and visitors for a long time to come.

What a fantastic job girls and thank you once again for all of your enthusiasm and hard work.

Wells Stree project endorsed

The Wells Street project has been endorsed with the listed changes to the concept plan which has enabled the staff to proceed with this exciting new project with many much awaited and needed upgrades.

Such things as power lines going under ground, a widened single lane access to the oval precinct and the caravan park entry with a slip lane for easier access to the caravan park whilst streamlining the traffic flow in both directions with addition of a round about at the corner of AB Smith Road.

Council elections coming up soon

Lastly council elections are fast approaching with the elected body going into caretaker mode in a couple of months.

Elections are in November so if you, or you know of someone with the passion, work ethic and the time to implement the necessary day to day and long term decisions in line with the long term strategic plan to help create a progressive and successful future for the District of Streaky Bay, then make sure to ask at the council’s head office for information or give me a call.

I'm always available to chat.

Travis Barber 

Streaky Bay District Council Mayor


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