Faith notes

Wood fires are awesome. It’s so nice to wake up on a cold winter morning and the house is warm.

All you have to do is open the fire up, stir the coals, put on some more firewood and bingo – the house is warm for the rest of the day.

The big challenge though is the firewood.

I have reached that certain age where swinging Andy the Axe is no longer among my favourite occupations. However, firewood doesn’t cut itself.

This is where I had a brainwave a few months ago – check out what a hydraulic stump splitter is worth. 

Well, I found that I could get a little ripper from Paramount Brown in Adelaide.

So recently I proudly came home with our new stump splitter on the back of the ute.

There was a slight challenge – they come in pieces and must be assembled.

Well, to cut a long story short, after a couple of days Shaun the Splitter was ready to make his first outing in life and I only had a couple of small pieces left over.

What an amazing revelation. In an hour Shaun and I can cut as much wood as I can cut in five or six hours with Andy.

Here’s where Shaun and Andy relate to the gospel.

Between Jesus’ resurrection and Pentecost, the church numbered around 120 people.

Not bad, because it’s taken Oasis over 25 years to even get close to that figure.

However, in just a few hours on the Day of Pentecost 3000 people were added to the church. What’s the difference?

They moved from Andy to Shaun. The Holy Spirit was given by the Father so that the same job – winning lost souls – could be done more productively and easily.

Not muscle power but spirit power.

Every time the Holy Spirit prompted someone, exciting things happened.

Pentecost was celebrated by the church a couple of weeks ago.

We all need to treasure our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

He is the one that enables us to get the whole job done with so much less effort and with more fruitfulness.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church