Reintroduction of recycling a real need

Following a joint Elliston/Wudinna call for tenders to provide kerbside automated rubbish collection, negotiations will continue with Veola seeking a three year contract for Wudinna District Council waste collection with no recycling at this stage.

It is disappointing that we got so close to reintroducing recycling for our district as this was an area that people indicated they wanted but the current Australian recycling issues are real and need addressing. Council will raise this as a topic at the next Eyre Peninsula Local Government meeting. Another good discussion was held at Council on recycling issues and yes we do talk a lot of ‘rubbish’ in Council! It highlighted the great importance and responsibilities we all have in education and practice in reducing all waste locally and across Australia.

I was reading an article flicked to me by Councillor Candice Lea, which reminded me of the facts that Australians discard up to 20 per cent of the food we purchase and The World Bank reports that one quarter to a third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted. I read some where that world food wastage is enough to feed our world population! The article stated that food waste in landfill rots slowly and accounts for a huge percentage of domestic and commercial landfill. A key message focuses on reducing food waste and composting are easy ways to save money, reduce land fill and produce valuable fertiliser for gardens and community.

In ‘other business’ at Council last week, a concern was raised in regard to stock losses due to wild dog attacks. A resolution was made to contact NRM for information and preventative options regarding the control of wild dogs on the Eyre Peninsula.

This week we celebrate National Volunteers Week which includes the National Day of Thanks on May 26. So thanks to all people across the region who willingly volunteer in such a large range of activities to keep our services, clubs, schools and communities going. As quoted on the web site “Australia’s National Day of thanks is an opportunity for Australians to celebrate and give thanks for our God given heritage as a nation and to demonstrate the values of honour, respect, thankfulness and gratitude towards our fellow man”. You can find out more about the history of the National Day of Thanks at Lets use this national day and every day to say ‘thank you’.

Eleanor Scholz

Wudinna District Council Mayor