Too much risk to ruin something fantastic

Kym Callaghan
Kym Callaghan

At our January meeting, the District Council of Elliston voted unanimously in support of a moratorium on deep sea oil and gas drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

This decision followed two representations from Elliston’s Unite the Bight group, who had gathered widespread support from individuals and businesses throughout our district.

Elliston is the first council on Eyre Peninsula to oppose drilling in the Bight, joining Kangaroo Island, Victor Harbor, Yankalilla, Yorke Peninsula, Holdfast Bay and Alexandrina councils in opposing seismic testing and drilling in the Bight.

A large part of our district relies on the coast for their livelihood.

An oil spill would affect our district first, and worst.

Commercial and recreational fishers alike would be affected.

Tourism is always a growing industry and one we are proud to promote in our area.

A spill would be disastrous for business and holiday home owners, tour operators and their families.

Unite the Bight’s Elliston group has been active in getting information to the community.

They plan to continue to raise community awareness in the lead up to the next state election and throughout the year ahead.

Like the Unite the Bight group, we are not against fossil fuels as we are all users. 

Whether to use fossil fuels is not the issue that is being debated.

The issue we that are raising is if the benefits for our community outweigh the risks of deep water drilling.

I am thankful to live in one of the most pristine environment on earth.

Our coastline needs protecting.

Our way of life surfing, fishing and beach goers could be affected for years.

An accident in the Great Australian Bight would be destroying something that is fantastic.

We should look after what we have, not only for us but for the future generations.

It is too good to risk ruining.

Promises of employment and financial gain for regional communities have so far proven hollow from previous drilling companies.

There is a lot of risk but I cannot see much reward for anyone on this coast.

Kym Callaghan

Elliston District Council chairman