Streaky Bay students investigate ocean sustainability | PHOTOS

Year 6 and 7 students at Streaky Bay Area School hosted the community premiere of Blue earlier this month, a film advocating for the health and well being of oceans and marine life which was the culmination of the term’s inquiry learning project.

More than 150 people were in attendance including students, family members, mentors and community members, which allowed students an opportunity to consolidate their learning by engaging with others and promoting the key learning that everybody is responsible for taking care of oceans.

The students viewed the film early in the term as a stimulus to engage wondering about the subject and to guide their learning.

Blue is an Australian film which highlights issues including ocean sustainability, pollution and degradation. 

Each student identified a personal inquiry issue around the question of whether oceans were considered the lungs of the planet, what that meant for future responsibility and how to educate the community on this matter.

The students connected with their mentors within the community and experts from afar as they investigated the issues which resonated with them and identified possible solutions.

This included the deeper investigation of plastic pollution in the ocean, which resulted in students looking at alternatives to single use plastics and cosmetics containing microplastics.

Students presented their findings as interactive displays which included demonstrations, opinion polls, quizzes, promotional materials and the opportunity to purchase student-made environmentally friendly alternative products.

They also displayed their artwork based on the theme of ‘The ocean to me is...’