Faith notes

What can you do when your faith and trust in people comes crashing down?

Prime Minister John Howard and I are both self-confessed cricketing tragics but at 80 I reckon I can still put my leg-breaks on the pitch.

tragic seems to be the right word to describe our nation’s cricketers.

I saw Don Bradman’s last innings of his career playing for South Australia on the Adelaide Oval.

O idolised all the captains since and always promoted Steve Waugh to be a good candidate for PM.

Boyhood dreams came crashing down that day in Cape Town.

A refocus on something that once was a pleasure for 70 years is needed to restore my faith in the green and gold.

A work now in progress. The key being forgiveness.

Putting one’s trust in sporting heroes, material possessions, social standing, popularity, acquired qualifications are all very fine but circumstances such as ill health, betrayal, wrong choices or company can have that trust reduced to nothing overnight.

What to do? Who or what can you trust that is as solid as a rock in all of its promises?

As I worshipped at different Easter services I met people who were there as a result of others praying for or sharing their faith in Jesus, their rock of salvation.

Dear reader, this day, true to his promises Jesus is standing at the door of your life waiting for you to invite Him inside so that in His love for you he will equip you to deal with any sort of crash that comes your way.

Edward Mate wrote: “My hope is built on nothing less that Jesus’ blood and righteousness. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

St Paul sets it out for us: “No one can lay any foundation than the one already laid, which is Christ Jesus.”

Crash + Jesus = recovery and newness. This equation never fails.

May the risen Jesus find a place in your heart and may the days ahead bring much joy and peace. It’s there for the asking. You are already a child of God.

Dean Heyne

Lutheran Parish Ceduna