Faith notes

Years ago I can remember a story that I was told, I thought I would share it.

This fella finally retired and for his retirement bought himself a treat, a top of the range push bike.

After assembling it, came the first ride.

He started on a rise in the road, the bike was so smooth and easy to ride, he was coasting along.

At the bottom of the hill he could see another hill in front of him, this hill was steeper.

He smiled to himself, let’s go!

As he started to ascend, he used those lovely new gears to power him up the grade.

He felt pretty good about the first ride on his new bike, a little weary for wear but that’s okay, I am a bit older now, he thought.

As time went by the hills should have started to get a bit easier and even on long stretches should not be so tiring…I wonder why, he thought.

One day while adjusting the chain something caught his eye, so he went and read up a bit more about the gearing, and saw a diagram.

Well lo and behold when he had assembled the bike he made a mistake with the gears while putting it together.

Time for a test run, wow, it was much easier.

Stories like this one reminds me about life and how sometimes we are too excited and eager to get on with what we are doing without first checking to see if we are prepared for the task before us.

Notice how the person who purchased the bike referred back to the instruction manual to see if they would help him.

For me, when the road is making me a bit tired I need to go back to my instruction book, the Bible.

It is here that I get my words for life, it guides me and points me in the right direction.

I still pedal hard sometimes but I am assured that my gears are set correctly for the task.

Pastor Gary Ferguson

Ceduna Uniting Church