Health service sharing through Facebook

NEW RESOURCE: Colleen Lynch has started a new Facebook group for the health services on the Eyre Peninsula.
NEW RESOURCE: Colleen Lynch has started a new Facebook group for the health services on the Eyre Peninsula.

A one-stop-shop for finding out about health and wellness services available on the Eyre Peninsula is now available through a new Facebook group.

Lipson woman and MyTime facilitator Colleen Lynch started the Resources for Health and Wellness and Community Services Providers on EP group because she felt there was no central location on the internet for people to find health and wellbeing services and providers for all stages of life from childhood to adulthood.

“People are dealing with a range of medical, physical, developmental, learning, social, mental and behavioral issues and need help in finding resources in their remote locations,” Ms Lynch said.

“We often see on Facebook in Buy, Swap and Sell groups where people can find childcare, adult daycare for those with disabilities and psychiatric disorders such as dementia and age related disorders, and other people related issues that shouldn’t really be found on such pages.

“These resources aren’t readily available for people to access because it takes a lot of internet surfing to find out what is available.

“I decided I would do something about it so that people can share their health and wellbeing contacts with others.”

Ms Lynch has recently started as the new MyTime facilitator in Port Lincoln.

MyTime is a free group for parents, grandparents and primary carers for children with disabilities, developmental delay or chronic medical conditions.

“It’s a physical place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences and get support on a regular basis.

“Having accepted this role it was amazing how few people knew about this organisation that is funded by grants from the Women and Children’s Health Network SA,” Ms Lynch said.

“I’m sure there are so many more organisations and groups that meet that can help those in our communities across the Eyre Peninsula to get help and support and knowledge about our resources and the new NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) roll out by the government.”

Ms Lynch said the Facebook group already had about 100 members.

“The success of the Facebook group will depend on the participation of the Eyre Peninsula community to share their connections, knowledge and resources with others,” she said.​