Early registrations for dog and cat breeders now available

South Australians are now able to begin the process of registering as a dog or cat breeder via the Dog and Cat Management Board’s website, with registration set to become compulsory on July 1, 2018.

The requirement to register as a breeder has been designed to bring greater accountability to the dog and cat trade, and to force unethical puppy and kitten farmers into the light.

The new ‘pre-registry’ has been launched in response to growing interest from dog and cat owners keen to comply with new laws.

Breeder registration is being introduced as part of the government’s new dog and cat management laws, which also includes tougher fines for dog attacks, compulsory microchipping and mandatory desexing for all dogs and cats born after July 1, 2018, subject to exemption.

The new requirements applies to anybody who breeds a dog or cat, not just pedigree breeds.

Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter said the new laws would help close the door on those who do the wrong thing.

“The vast majority of dog and cat breeders do a wonderful job of caring for their animals and conducting their breeding operation in humane conditions, however there are some who sadly place profit before the welfare of their animals,” he said.

“In the past, these people have been able to ply their trade with little oversight – currently, most councils don’t have any way of knowing which breeders are operating in their areas.

“Under the new breeder registration requirement, breeders will be required to disclose their breeder registration number plus to-to-date correct details to ensure buyers know their new pets come from a trustworthy source.”

Mr Hunter said breeder registration would help create a better environment for pets.

“By closing the loopholes that puppy farms hide behind, we’re helping South Australians ensure the dog and cat they bring into their family comes from a reputable, humane home.”

Once registered with the board, breeders would be issued with a breeder registration number which must appear in all advertisements for sale or trade.

After July 1, 2018 it will be illegal for most people to advertise, sell or trade a dog or cat without disclosing the breeder registration number.

Breeders can now lodge their name and email address with the board and will be notified when official registrations commences.

Visit dogandcatboard.com.au to register and for more information.