Cherished family man Michael Nash remembered fondly

Michael Nash was the family man “with a heart of gold” who loved nothing more than to relax at home with his partner and children.

Mr Nash had texted his partner Renae Miles earlier that morning, responding to her message of “I love you” with “I love you more”.

When later her car was not running right she tried to contact Mr Nash but got no response and she said that was when she had a feeling something was wrong.

“At the car place I was told to go to the cafe down the corner where I sat with my daughter and when I looked through Facebook and saw ‘47-year-old man crushed in silo’ my heart sank,” she said.

“I called his boss and he said he was so sorry and I just broke down, then the mechanic fixed my car for free and drove me home.

“My heart goes out to his boss and everybody at the farm, it was a tragic accident.”

Ms Miles said how exactly the accident occurred had not yet been determined.

When Mr Nash and Ms Miles met he had three children – Mikey, Matthew and Kaitlyn – she had three children – Andrea, Xavier and Zahara – and together they had 8-year-old Pheonix and Storm, 7.

“He was awesome, the best father, my best friend and everybody’s best friend – everybody just loved him and he was the easiest going bloke you would come across,” Ms Miles said.

“He was amazing to me, the kids and my parents, and he was so generous and giving, and if somebody needed a hand he would give it.

“Michael was my rock, he was all of our rocks, and we were a team.”

She said Michael was a private person who liked to relax after work with a beer and loved to spend time at home with his kids at the couple’s Minnipa property.

The couple moved to Eyre Peninsula from Goowla five years ago, where Mr Nash tended to his “small hobby farm” and would play around with motorbikes.

“I am amazed at how people have surrounded me and the children, I am really thankful and grateful and didn’t expect it,” Ms Miles said.

The page was started by Natalie Phillips, who said the response from the Eyre Peninsula community has been “incredible”.

“It goes to show how amazing communities can be in a situation like this,” she said.