Ceduna community comes together to say no to domestic violence

The Ceduna community came together last Wednesday at the Ceduna Memorial Hall to support the International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Individuals gave a gold coin donation for a white rose to show appreciation for a significant other and to stand up and say no to violence.

On Wednesday evening the Ceduna Uniting Church hosted a video presentation on domestic violence called ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’, which was run by the Centacare Regional Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence Service.

The aim of the video presentation was to raise awareness of the children who are exposed to family violence, with children often referred to as the ‘forgotten’ and ‘invisible’ victims of domestic abuse.

Centacare’s Samantha Johnson hoped the presentation would send a message.

“Children should not ever have to be exposed to, witness, be removed or lose their lives to domestic violence – violence has no place in a child’s life,” she said.

“We can and must give children a brighter future and a more peaceful future.

“The problem does not belong to one individual or agency and it is up to all of us as a community to affect change.”