Aged on stage at Wudinna

A grant recently allowed Wudinna’s senior citizens to have the Vintage Theatre Co-op Workshop visit Wudinna as part of Zest Fest.

The festival involves lots of activities for older members of the community run over the month of October but normally in city areas, which made this a unique opportunity to have such involvement in a country area.

The Adelaide-based Vintage Theatre hosted a public performance entitled Don’t Act Your Age at the Wudinna Community Club and performers travelled from Elliston, Streaky Bay and Minnipa to join the Wudinna cast for the final workshop public performance.

Vintage Threate Co-op director Alan Hendry lead audience members from Kimba, Lock and Wudinna and the performers through an entertaining program that showcased the amazing potential of the older person.

As Mr Hendry said, “we are never too old to learn new things, sing or just have a few laughs and some fun”.

The show opened with a special guest performance from ‘The Queen’, while a song about embracing aging called I’m Growing Older... was performed together by all participants.

Audience members had the chance to win a chocolate if they guessed a scene, which included four wise monkeys, rowing team, chariots of fire, cuckoo clock, crowded train and a school of fish.

A reader from each town then quoted Shakespeare and it was interesting to see how many quotes from 400 years ago are still used today.

The braver people were ‘given a voice’ and could act out a scene, including Blind Freddy, a story of A Tac, a confused Maisie, an Irish and Scottish ballad was sung, poetry recited and a love story retold. The general message from the theme was not to let age define what you could do.

The crowd of 63 people mingled over lunch and had an opportunity to put their thoughts of how they are aging down on a writing wall, which varied from humour to knitting, gardening, swimming and to just getting up each morning.

After lunch the group was shown how to make a simple life-size puppet out of brown paper and bring it to life, which proved a fan favourite.

The performance was the finale of two weeks of recreational threatre workshops run across Wudinna, Streaky Bay, Elliston and Minnipa by Alan Hendry and his crew.

They also ran a workshop in each of the schools with a group of students, with a look at basic stage performance skills and the value of the aged people in communities, with a total of 14 workshops.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the West Coast hospitality and the beautiful scenery of the region.