Denial Bay community hoping to get its Fund My Neighbourhood project over the line

A Fund My Neighbourhood proposal to upgrade the Denial Bay playground area would benefit the wider community, former resident Katrina Blums said.

The proposal includes the installation of shelter, seating and tables and a barbecue, which would cost $43,500.

Ms Blums, who grew up in Denial Bay, said a wide range of people would benefit.

“At Denial Bay there is no shelter, so when kids play and parents watch they are in the sun,” she said.

“It is not just the Denial Bay community who uses the area, but people come out to use the facility for birthdays, family gatherings and other events.

“It would also benefit the people who use the jetty.”

She is helping to drive the proposal and said while the area did get plenty of use, the funding would improve its amenities.

“It is still used, but this would be an improvement for the area,” Ms Blums said.

“It is a nice community and family facility and this would give it a boost.”

Voting for a Fund My Neighbourhood project is closing on Monday, November 20.

To vote for a project, follow these steps.