Busy time at Streaky Bay bowls

The Streaky Bay Women’s Bowling Club have been busy with competitions of late, including the Patroness Day and the club championship triples.

Late last month 20 women participated in a singles consistency competition for Patroness Day.

The sun was shining yet it was a little breezy as president Gay Oswald welcomed the ladies and patronesses Rae Brewster and Isobel Brown.

The ladies enjoyed the day as they played 3 x 10 games, testing their skills at drawing to the kitty without moving it – the kitty was rolled and placed on a washer and if moved it was to be replaced on the washer.

Scoring was four points for the shot bowl, three points for second, two for third and one point for fourth shot to total 10 points each end and 100 per game.

Gay Oswald and Janine Brown were equal winners on 180 points, ahead of Lisa McEvoy on 172.5 points.

Presentations were made by the patronesses, who kindly donated the prizes for the winners and runner-up, before afternoon tea was enjoyed by all.

That event was followed by the club championship triples on Wednesday, November 1, with 24 players competing.

The competition was three-bowl triples, playing 12 ends and then 15 ends for the semi-final and final in a knockout comeptition.

It proved a perfect day for bowls and that led to some close matches.

Robyn Swanson, Penny Hogan and Sally Trezona downed Chris Boylan, Lisa McEvoy and Sue Montgomerie 13-8, while Sue Rumbelow, Kerry Johnson and Oswald defeated Heather Georgiou, Rayleen Giles and Kae Amey 17-8.

Janine Brown, Sue Higgins and Jenny McEvoy were victorious against Carol Horseman, Maria Williams and Chris Noonan 15-11 and Betty Kammerman, Elaine Baldock and Colleen Crowder defeated Jan Kenny, Josie Williams and Sharon Male 11-10.

The trio of Brown, Higgins and McEvoy defeated Swanson, Hogan and Trezona 24-9 in the semi-final.

The other semi-final saw Rumbelow, Johnson and Oswald overcome Kammerman, Baldock and Crowder 17-8.

The led to a thrilling final between the team’s captained by Janine Brown and Sue Rumbelow.

The Brown-led team was three shots up heading into the last end, leaving Rumbelow’s team needing four shots to win.

On the last end Rumbelow was holding three shots and with Brown’s last bowl she drew second wood.

Rumbelow had the last bowl and needed to remove Brown’s bowl and stay to win the game – Rumbelow drove just missing Brown’s bowl and took out their shot bowl.

It meant Brown, Higgins and McEvoy won by four shots, defeating Rumbelow, Johnson and Oswald 14-10.