Faith notes

Heather is a really good cook.

One of her specialities is cakes. I just love her homemade cheesecake and she cooks an awesome chocolate cake.

A few years ago two single fellows from the church knocked on the door.

When I opened it, I noticed that one was carrying two packets of Philadelphia cheese and the other had two packets of gingernut biscuits.

They asked if they could see Heather and when they came into the kitchen, they told her that they had brought two cheesecakes and could she assemble them for supper.

Have you ever really considered what a cake consists of?

Firstly, you need a recipe, then the ingredients, then comes the preparation and finally the cooking.

However, have you ever tried tasting each ingredient separately? Give it a go next time that you’re cooking a cake.

The milk, water, sugar and icing sugar are not too bad but have you tried eating cooking oil, baking soda, flour or salt just by themselves. Yuck!

Yet mix them all together and add the right heat for the correct amount of time and you have got something wonderful.

Good taste plus horrible taste equals amazing taste. That’s how our lives work. We must never judge ourselves from just one direction, one day or one attitude.

Our lives are designed by God to be a careful balance of what we consider good tasting bits and bad tasting bits.

We often believe that, as Christians, God should be blessing us or there’s something wrong.

No, no, no! It takes the hard times to bring out the hidden treasures in our lives.

It’s in the hard times that our true value comes out. We develop character and our attitudes get sorted out if necessary.

Never forget, when the pressure’s on, that God is giving us a chance to grow – that’s the baking soda helping us to rise.

In fact the book of James tells us to ‘consider troubles as an opportunity for great joy’.

Remember, blessing plus pressure always equals a well-balanced (tasty) person, when we continually submit our lives to God.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church