Carol J likely to go from Streaky foreshore

The future of the Carol J provided a very lengthy and at times robust session in the chamber at our last meeting.

The council had received a lot of feedback and many varied ideas and possible solutions.

The Streaky Bay District Council decided to get a full risk assessment carried out on the vessel and all possible options.

Given its constant deterioration it was reasonably foreseeable that parts of the structure could become further detached or that the support beams holding the Carol J upright may give way at anytime due to the hulls deterioration resulting in collapse or people climbing on the structure and timbers giving way.

All of these things carry a high risk of serious harm to some body.

Given the exposed location, the council would need to way up the cost to fully restore the Carol J as well as the ongoing cost and maintenance for the whole of the life of the vessel.

Having considered this and studied the risk assessment carried out the Carol J the council was left with little alternative but to follow the summarisation of the report and that being that the lowest risk option is the removal of the structure although this may not be the most  desirable outcome, it is the safest and most economically efficient way to deal with the high risk and cost this poses to the community and our visitors especially with the busy season soon upon us.

This is a regrettable path to have to take but at this stage safety is paramount.

The council in the meantime will be seeking grant funding to try and save and possibly reinstate the Carol J.


The Streaky Bay District Council had a very successful response to our public consultation on ideas and concepts for our town’s entry statement.

We received 18 very good designs and after much deliberation it was narrowed down to three with the eventual design chosen taking into account our historical aspects, existing infrastructure and theming, streetscape appeal as well as the use of local materials.

Thank you to all those who contributed with their feedback and designs, make sure to keep an eye out for the entry statement in the near future.

Travis Barber

Streaky Bay District Council mayor