GALLERY | Hot air balloon grounded but still a hit with students

Ceduna Area School students were treated to a hot air balloon demonstration from the Royal Australian Air Force on Wednesday.

Windy conditions meant the balloon could not be inflated or take to the air in its visit to Ceduna as originally planned, however students were shown how the hot air balloon works and its features.

Students were allowed to work the burners which would get the balloon up off the ground and were able to get a feel for the balloon itself in its deflated state.

The visit to Ceduna was part of a wider Regional Engagement Tour of South Australia which included stops at Renmark, Bordertown, Murray Bridge and Port Augusta.

Following Ceduna the tour will conclude at Clare.

Air Force Balloon spokesman and squadron leader Sam Wright said the hot air balloon was used primarily to visit regional areas and promote the Air Force.

Mr Wright said the balloon was flown at least once a week, while the Air Force visits towns every few months.

“On a tour we might go to five or six different schools and do a bunch of free-flying around,” he said.

Reserve pilot Gary Maxwell spoke to the students about life in the Defence Force, why he joined the Air Force and helped eager students with the burner demonstration.

Year 1 students Amaya Bergmann-Hartwig and William Broad were among the lucky students to have a turn with the burners, shooting the fireball upwards to the delight of their fellow students.