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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to luca.cetta@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Children’s choir a blessing

At Streaky Bay last Tuesday night approximately 160 people witnessed the Watoto Children's Choir present Signs and Wonders.

Coming from Uganda, all of them had their story of being abandoned and unwanted on the street or even a rubbish bin, or their mother left or widowed living on the street, hopeless, forced to sell their bodies to try to keep their children alive, having hepatitis or HIV, often in great suffering.

But the signs and wonders that God does through faithful believers, you could see and hear that lives had been greatly changed for the better. It was a pleasure to have them also stay in our homes overnight.

God truly is a living God who blesses abundantly through Jesus, who came into the world with its rebellion, confusion and hopelessness, to save us and to set us free to become children of God, having life, assurance, hope, blessing and love.


Streaky Bay

Choices threatened

Choice has long been an option which each of us has valued and defended over the years. 

If we didn't like something, whether it be a movie, song, event, opinion, product or a team, we made a personal choice not to watch, support, celebrate or use that option.

While the options we chose may not have been preferred by others, it was our indomitable right and we acknowledged and accepted the freedom of others to disagree with our preferred choice.

Australian society over the years, has been encouraged to and has been very successful in being tolerant of others regardless of their race, creed or gender.

Unfortunately today, social engineers and the politically correct have decided those choices, which some members of society, usually a minority group, don't agree with, are deemed to be unfashionable or intolerable and should be extinguished from our daily life.

Many of the choices currently under threat, and there are many, are long standing and of historical significance.

We cannot change or deny our history and nor should we, but we can, as we have previously, learn from the past, acknowledge any wrong doing and move forward.

Time for the silent majority to speak up and defend the right to having a choice.



An unwinnable fight

Listen up Australia this message will save lives, the Bible version simply says, he who has ears listen. That’s right; I believe the Bible and what it has to say about God. The prophecies in the Bible prove that God exists, (The last major one being fulfilled in 1948 with the creation of the Jewish nation of Israel) yet even after thousands of years of trying nobody has yet proved that he does not exist and is not in control.

Because of my belief in the Bible I know there was a world wide flood from which only eight people were saved. I also know that ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped out by God. Why? Because the Bible tells me so. Why do people who want to thumb their noses at God insist on dragging me into their conflict with him?

No matter what happens now or in the future I am only too well aware of the trouble that it will cause for me and the rest of this country from those who want to continue thumbing their noses at God and dragging this country into their fight.

As for those who have been elected to serve this country and its people they should know better than to get involved in a fight with God that they can never win. There was once a pharaoh of ancient Egypt who tried!

The only thing it appears that man learns from history is that man never learns, the mistakes continue to be repeated.

May God’s grace, mercy and love continue to protect those who love and serve him.


Streaky Bay