An open door and open ear  for our district

Thank you to all the residents who took the time to send in their "Are we talking to you" forms.

Good, bad or indifferent the responses are welcomed as they help us to improve as elected members and staff alike to help in the day to day running of the Streaky Bay District Council.

We cannot improve if we do not know people’s sentiments.

I would especially like to thank the residents who sent their responses and correspondence directly to me as it helps me to be able to understand the townspeople's sentiments, be proactive and follow any concerns through in a timely manner.

My phone is always on and as many residents and tourists alike are already aware I am more than happy to meet and listen to peoples concerns and ideas.

Your elected members and I can’t help if we don't know.

Left in the dark

We the Mayors have received the findings of the ESCOSA and Electra Net  report on the non reliability of the Eyre Peninsula's power issues after all our black outs.

The report has found and you will all be shocked to hear this but Eyre Peninsula's, and I quote

"The Current electricity infrastructure is not fit for purpose  and has significantly undersized power lines to Streaky Bay and Ceduna"

Electra Net also stated along the lines that the Port Lincoln generators are not designed to energise long transmission lines and deal with the line charging on lightly loaded lines (upper eyre peninsula, us ).

They are also sized to provide back up power to Port Lincoln and not the wider Eyre Peninsula as in line with the reliability standards set out in the Electricity Transmission Code.

Any wonder we feel out in the dark hear on upper E.P......not good enough this is a basic necessity!!

Bay Road upgrade

This month we have been reviewing the Bay Road upgrade concept plans and workshops have been undertaken with the newly reviewed plans hopefully to be available for community engagement at the end of the month.

Emergency plan

I also met with our local SA Police and chief executive officer regarding a town emergency plan and I will be engaging our other local authorities to work together and come up with a strategy for our town.

We also touched on speed limits around the town and new school crossing signs so please keep an eye out for these.

Road maintenance

Generally, our unsealed roads maintenance in the region has been in full swing and ongoing with some 263 kilometres already completed in the 2017/2018 year.

Lastly can I take this opportunity to thank the Streaky Bay District Council staff for all their hard work in the last few hectic months. 

A majority of which goes largely unnoticed in the community but is very much appreciated by those who see how hard you work behind closed doors.

Keep up the good work team.

Travis Barber

Streaky Bay District Council mayor