Rate capping would ‘devastate’ regions

It’s great to see some rainfall for the district. Although late, every drop counts so lets hope it keeps coming.

Streaky Bay District Council mayor Travis Barber

Streaky Bay District Council mayor Travis Barber

Last week I attended a two day forum for all the mayors and chairpersons from throughout the state.

The major areas in conversation were how to gain better leadership throughout our diverse roles, better understanding codes of conduct and how this affects day to day running in the chamber and beyond.

Also touched upon was the looming elections and how the major parties’ strategies will affect our local regions.

The biggest concern was the talk of rate capping.

Rate capping in general, if passed, will not only be devastating for our regions but will almost be catastrophic for local councils’ provision of day-to-day services.

Have you ever considered what would happen to our town if your local council was unable to continue to supply services to things such as your local library, playgrounds, parks and gardens, rubbish collection, footpaths, local roads, sporting facilities, street trees, community centres, dog and cat management, sewer services, to name just a few? 

Your local councils are responsible for delivering hundreds of services and facilities that contribute to building strong and vibrant communities.

Rate capping would be to the detriment of most of these things, so please consider this when the election hype begins.

More locally we are still pressing the Environmental Protection Authority to come to a faster solution on the Sceale Bay shelter but it is proving to be quite the process, which we had hoped it would not be and is very frustrating to say the least.

We will keep pushing in the hope of having something organised as soon as possible.

Secondly I would like to welcome Penny Williams back on board from maternity leave in her role as community and economic development officer. She is already making inroads in her role which is hardly surprising considering she (unofficially) has been working hard for the district in anticipation of her return for quite some time now.

Lastly another reminder that the community grants scheme is now open and closes on September 1, so get your groups together and get your forms in soon.

Travis Barber

Streaky Bay District Council mayor