Faith notes

Heather and I have the most beautiful little great granddaughter, Ava.

She’s chubby, healthy and full of life.

If Ava cries you know that there’s a genuine reason because she’s so full of life that she never has enough time to feel sorry for herself.

She had her first birthday recently and loved trying to blow out the candle.

That said, I’ve noticed one thing about this wonderful little girl.

At the age of one she already knows what right and wrong are – and she leans toward wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a wicked little girl, but she definitely knows what she wants and how to get it.

Firstly she knows how to manipulate her mum to get what she wants.

She can get a rusk without even breaking a sweat.

Secondly she knows when she shouldn’t be doing something. She loves her mum’s mobile phone. However, she’s not meant to have it.

If she finds it on a table and is caught with it, the first thing that she does is hide it behind her back and tries to back away.

It’s amazing that at an age when she’s too young to understand reasoning – and really doesn’t understand much of anything you’re telling her – that somewhere deep inside there is that little pixie of ‘self’ in her life.

Whatever it takes, she is the most important person in her life.

Somehow she knows what is right and wrong and how to use circumstances – like manipulating and making your mum feel guilty – to get what she wants.

Please, I’m not singling out Ava – remember she’s my cute great granddaughter, however, she’s absolutely no different to you and I.

We are all born with that thing called ‘original sin’ deep in our DNA.

The Bible tells us that none of us is righteous and that we all fall short of God’s glory. That’s why we all need our Saviour, Jesus.

He paid the price for the sins that we commit and so opens up the doorway to heaven. Have you visited Jesus lately and let Him into your life?

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church