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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to luca.cetta@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

No long-term solutions

Mr Weatherill’s explanation following the power failure last year informed us that it was the result of a "once in a life time" storm event. He denied the fact that our over reliance on the intermittent power supply from wind and solar energy was unable to produce the base load power required to keep the lights on.

Since then Mr Weatherill has made a number of enlightening announcements in order to appease disaffected consumers but moreover to garner support for his re-election in 2018.

The announcement of the world's largest battery was the first election sweetener.

Anyone questioning aspects about this announcement was portrayed as being negative or not caring about SA.

Details about the cost, capacity and effect were swamped by the main assertion that it would be a "tourist attraction."

However it will only be accessible during daylight hours.

When politicians attempt to shut down debate and discourse about an issue, it is clear that any unwarranted revealing of facts is not desired.

A new gas fired power station was the next piece in our "electricity network" jigsaw.

This didn't seem to capture the interest of many and details and information relating to it quickly disappeared from notice.

Along came the diesel generators.

This idea seemed to emanate from the many South Australians who have privately funded their own generator in order to prepare themselves for expected future power outages.

We were even told, by the government after an inquiry, that it was our responsibility to develop personal "resilience".

Now we are informed, after much dodging and weaving, that on excessively hot days, which regularly occur during our summers, these generators will not meet our needs.

The strategy employed by Mr Wetherill and his party is to gain re-election at the 2018 state election and has little to do with a long-term solution.

Government in South Australia will be "hamstrung" for the next eight months as our politicians have their fingers crossed that their piecemeal solution will work for this years summer.

Hopefully people power will rid us of this inept government.



Helping end poverty

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to everyone in South Australia who gave generously to The Smith Family’s 2017 Winter Appeal. 

This year we had exceptional support from the Australian public, raising over $4.6 million nationally to help thousands of disadvantaged children across the country with their education.

For the 1.1 million young Australians living below the poverty line, staying engaged at school and keeping up with their peers can be extremely challenging. 

Without educational support and extra resources, they may never reach their potential and are more likely to experience hardship as adults.

Funds raised from our Winter Appeal will help nearly 11,000 disadvantaged Australian children with the extra learning support they need, through our reading programs, after-school Learning Clubs and the iTrack online mentoring program.

It is heartening that this cause has resonated with so many people who gave to our Appeal, which not only helps the children who access our programs but their families and communities.

I would like to thank each and every individual who made a donation. 

Your help will have a direct, lasting impact on disadvantaged children here in Australia,giving them the best chance possible to break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for themselves.


The Smith Family SA general manager