Faith notes

Recently our television decided to go on strike. I did all the things that you’re meant to do – wriggling the antenna wires and trying a connection in another room.

Having come to the end of my skills, I did the next most obvious thing. I called the repairman.

Well he crawled around in the roof, grunted a bit, and very shortly we had a fully functioning television.

A couple of weeks later we found everything in the fridge was frozen solid, including the salad stuff in the crisper.

I knew what to do THIS time, though.

Several people had said that their fridges had played up because of all the power outages that we’ve had.

They said that it would right itself if you turn it off for several hours.

During that time it would reset itself and work perfectly when turned back on. Not my fridge!

One call to the refrigeration mechanic, a new thermostat, and all is well.

Then, this week, the toilet cistern starts to leak water. Now THIS I can fix.

I can see where water’s coming from and do whatever’s necessary to fix it.

You know where this is going don’t you!

One plumber later it works like a new one and the floor is now dried out.

I think that God has finally got through to me that I should stick with what I do well and leave the rest to the appropriate experts.

Men and women who are trained in what they do. I’m a pastor. I’m NOT a TV antenna man, a refrigeration mechanic or a plumber.

How many times do I hear from people that they’ll be back in church as soon as they work out their life issues and challenges?

Guys, guys, guys, remember the above stories? We aren’t the appropriate expert. God is.

Even ministers aren’t – but we are the appropriate expert to help you get in touch with God.

When things aren’t working, go to ‘The Manufacturer’, He’s the one who not only made you, but He knows how to fix you – believe it or not you don’t.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church