Roo management review

Farmers have welcome a renewed review for commercial kangaroo shooting in the draft South Australian Commercial Kangaroo Management Plan 2018-22.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources is seeking feedback on the draft plan to manage and monitor populations with respect to commercial harvest across much of the state’s pastoral area, including the Eyre Peninsula.

The department’s arid lands scientific services region manager Rob Brandle said kangaroo harvesting had been regulated for nearly 40 years with no negative impact to the long-term conservation of populations.

“Five-year reviews of the management plan are important to ensure that the commercial harvest continues to be managed within sustainable limits,” he said.

“Kangaroo numbers fluctuate in response to rainfall and when populations are in high numbers they can cause detrimental impacts to the environment, infrastructure, pasture or cereal crops, or pose a danger to motorists.”

Warramboo farmer Craig Sampson said kangaroos were “sometimes” an issue on his property.

He agreed kangaroo numbers were up and said kangaroos were causing damage to crops.

“The crops are still emerging and it can be an issue when they get to what crops there are around – they take what they can get,” he said.

“I would say that numbers are on the rise, we have had a few people commenting that it is getting to be more of an issue and we have had a few near misses on the highways.”

“Normally farmers would do their own bit of culling.”

He said he could see the positives from more commercial kangaroo shooting in the region.

“I think there could be an opportunity to do some more shooting.”

As stated in the draft plan, professional commercial shooting meant kangaroos would be harvested and sold to meat processors.

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