Council eager to begin Smoky Bay foreshore repairs

Repairs to the damaged Smoky Bay foreshore will get underway as soon as the Ceduna District Council is informed about its grant funding application.

The foreshore suffered severe damage during the storms last September and just before Christmas and in the aftermath the council applied for two lots of funding – disaster relief funding and coastal protection funding.

Damage from the storm caused the coastal area to wash away, exposing tree roots which also damaged road surfaces.

A section of Beach Esplanade has been closed since last December because of the damage which saw a section of the bitumen break away.

The council’s general manager of operations Grant Drummond said he hoped to know the outcome of the grant funding “within a couple of months”.

“Council submitted an application for disaster relief funding and a requirement of that was to get a coastal engineer to do a report with a proposed fix,” he said.

“That was has been completed and was presented to the Smoky Bay community, who were happy with it.”

The proposal is to construct a revetment wall from the shacks to the caravan park along the line of the old coastal wall back to the grounds behind, which Mr Drummond said was estimated to cost about $300,000.

He said work could not commence until the outcome of the funding applications were known.

“Council has some money in the budget and will do some work regardless of funding, but getting the grant would allow us to repair the entire area,” he said.

“As soon as we receive notification either way we will start work.

“If we start repair work beforehand we will be ineligible to receive funding.”

Mr Drummond said the council and Smoky Bay community wanted to get going with repair work.

“It is not a good look for the community to have damage like that, unfortunately our hands are tied until the funding outcome is known,” he said.

“Council is keen to get in and get work going as soon as possible and the Smoky Bay community has offered to help with some of the work.”

Smoky Bay Progress Association member Brian Rock said it would be excellent for the town to have the foreshore repaired and its aesthetic quality restored.

“It doesn’t look nice and this will help neaten up the foreshore area,” he said.

“The way the wall has been designed is attractive and this will help the town.

“The damage may have deterred a few people during last summer because parking was gone, but soon they will be able to wander down and see a nice-looking foreshore area again.”