Council updated on Iron Road’s status

Wudinna District Council mayor Eleanor Scholz.

Wudinna District Council mayor Eleanor Scholz.

Elected Wudinna District Council members and council executives met with Iron Road representatives last week for an update on their progress toward mining development approval. 

This was part of a series of meetings conducted by Iron Road with all impacted councils in the development footprint.

Iron Road is working on a number of approvals. Primary Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation approval from the federal government under the EPBC Act protects national and international flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage places. 

Secondary approvals still required include Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation, entailing preparation of detailed construction, operation and closure management plans that describe how all conditions and requirements will be achieved. 

This includes specific details of monitoring required to demonstrate the mine and infrastructure will perform as required.

The Construction Environmental Management Plan involves development of a project-specific plan designed to ensure best practice and, or, appropriate environmental management practices are applied throughout the construction, operation and rehabilitation of the project. 

Iron Road also needs financing for land acquisition eg mine, corridor and various others including Rail Operating Agreement, water affecting permits, etcetera.

Councils do not have authority on state and commonwealth approvals required by Iron Road.

Specific issues discussed regarding Wudinna District Council included Iron Road’s intention to conduct new community information forums for the district, the need for Iron Road to talk about specific opportunities the mine may bring our current or potential business community, the need for specific conversations with council about social and physical infrastructure changes that will arrive with the development eg roads, aerodrome, Community Wastewater Management System etcetera, changed road use patterns, excessive use due to mine, maintenance implications, the location and operations of a long-term village and its interface with the Wudinna township and district, plus a potential council sub-committee for engagement.

Eleanor Scholz

Wudinna District Council mayor