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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to luca.cetta@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Power prices hurt the vulnerable

Our electricity rates are too high from inflation, (which) all comes from the state treasurer responsibility of Tom Koutsantonis, and will cause more high unemployment.

Even our op shops will feel the high rates very hard, Christian churches, age pensioners, and low income earners, small business, and young people who are struggling with their families.

People won't be sorry to see South Australian Labor government out of office.

It would be better for Premier Jay Weatherill and his government that his time is up.


Port Lincoln

SA - too good to (radioactive) waste

Premier Jay Weatherill’s recent end to a controversial plan to ship, store and bury international high level radioactive waste in South Australia is both overdue and very welcome.

The plan was ill-considered and poorly costed and the reality would have been permanent pollution and radioactive risk.

The plan always lacked community consent and never enjoyed state or federal bi-partisan political support.

It attracted sustained opposition that saw protest actions, rallies, tens of thousands of petitions and protest letters and widespread civil society and Aboriginal opposition. 

Eighty percent of participants in a Citizens Jury process last year rejected the plan ‘under any circumstances’.

The Premier’s decision to finally and formally walk away from the dump plan highlights the importance of people power and of standing up, speaking up and taking action, and this remains important given Canberra’s plan for a national radioactive waste site on the Eyre Peninsula. 

Congratulations to all whose actions made the difference for a cleaner and safer South Australia. 


Australian Conservation Foundation

Nuclear waste - too good to be true?

For nearly 20 years, the government has been trying to find a place for nuclear waste. 

Aboriginal communities one after another rejected the money the government was dangling in front of them, saying correctly that they are entitled to good health, education and other facilities regardless of whether they take waste.

The government has reassuring displays of low level waste – gloves and gowns in storage drums. But very seldom mentions the plutonium and enriched uranium that will need nuclear safeguards and security for as long as it is stored. Plutonium is the material used to make nuclear weapons. 

The government encourages groups to tour ANSTO but nobody is taken on a tour of the leaking drums stored at Woomera, nor the abandoned lands at Maralinga where they have failed so badly in the “clean-ups”.

There is an old saying - if something seems too good to be true, it is usually is. 

The money will be long spent and your children and grandchildren will live with the consequences. 

Does Kimba really want to be famous for being the nuclear waste dump of Australia?


Medical Association for the Prevention of War

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