Faith notes

During the war in Iraq, US Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld was asked what things concerned him.

He replied, “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know.

“We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

“But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

“And if one looks throughout the history of our country, it is the latter category that tends to be the difficult one”.

Leviticus 5:1 “If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible,” is almost as cryptic!

It basically says, that you can be guilty of sin without actually sinning!

In US crime shows, there are two scenes that frequently occur.

The first is where the suspect takes the right of saying “no comment” to every question they are asked.

He can also plead the fifth amendment – I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

In both cases the viewer assumes that the person is guilty.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was silent before Pilate when he was on trial?

His job was to take on the sins of the whole world but how could a sinless person become sin for us?

During His life Jesus would have been aware of many sins however, not once in scripture did he condemn someone for sin, He forgave them and usually said “go and sin no more”.

During His trial, by refusing to answer accusations – under Leviticus 5:1 He was held responsible – in doing this the sinless man became sin for us!

When we know about the sins we commit but don’t confess them to Jesus, we are carrying a burden we were never meant to carry.

In fact we are adding sin to our sin.

Today, why not spend some quality time with Jesus and confess your sins – your known knowns – and experience the freedom that only He can give.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church