Billing, Evans win Killa’s Day

Twenty four players took part in the Killa’s Servo sponsored day on Sunday, which combined the second round of the Streaky Bay Golf Club championships stroke round along with a stableford competition.

The weather that greeted the players was fantastic with sunny, warm conditions and light winds, while the course was in excellent condition with the scrapes receiving extra attention earlier in the week, which provided a bit more of a challenge.

Players came from Streaky Bay, Poochera and Kyancutta to compete and while some had good rounds a number of players had rounds to forget.

The division one winner was club captain Ron Billing, with Ian Richter finishing as runner-up.

In division two the winner was Paul Evans who stunned everyone with a 97 off the stick, net 61 and 47 points, ahead of runner-up Dion Gilmore.

The longest drive was hit by Chris Kenny, while the best second shot came from Nigel Brace and the nearest to the pin was Dion Gilmore.


R. Billing 79/69/39, N. Brace 82/66/42, N. Johnston 84/68/38, I. Richter 88/77/31, C. Kenny 88/79/30, H. Verstappen 89/73/35, J. Flaherty 89/74/34, W. Daniel 90/74/34, T. Redden 93/76/32, A. Atkinson 94/78/31, D. Gilmore 95/67/42, P. Evans 97/61/47, D. Mayhew 97/72/37, S. Gosling 98/62/32, G. Davis 99/76/33, J. Hull 102/83/26, G. Redding 102/85/24, D. Carey 104/83/23, C. Roberts 106/86/28, J. Montgomerie 128/92/28, P. Feltus 151/115/11.