Ceduna students learn from Aboriginal Power Cup experience

Ceduna Area School’s South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) team recently participated at the Aboriginal Power Cup held in Adelaide.

The matches were played at Alberton Oval, with academies from across South Australia taking part in the event.

In preparation for the carnival, the team created its own war cry, which incorporated traditional language, designed a banner that was paraded around the oval by the captains, established team rules and expectations and wore a shirt designed by Juran Lebois.

A dozen eager students went to Adelaide, which SAASTA coordinator Daniel Swaffer said was a great learning experience.

“It was really good and a valuable experience for the kids, they enjoyed going to Adelaide,” he said.

“They did a lot of different things, they engaged with different agencies who provide assistance for Aboriginal kids like universities and work programs.

“They flew to Adelaide, which in itself was a good opportunity for some who aren’t frequent flyers and we got to see Adelaide and the ins and outs of the Port Adelaide Football Club, who were very open and inviting.”

The students were part of a cultural dance performance, which took place before the Port Adelaide v Hawthorn AFL match at Adelaide Oval.

Mr Swaffer said that was a great spectacle.

“The kids enjoyed it, they thought it was really empowering and really moving,” he said.

“There were 600 to 700 kids involved and it was a big highlight of the trip.”

On the field, the team played six matches over two days and ended the carnival with three wins.

Mr Swaffer said the team had the potential but was hurt by injuries and Gavin Buckskin and Robin Saunders were the standout players.

The girls joined with Woodville and Wiltja due to a lack of numbers and also ended with three wins, with Alkira Saunders and Taleah Haseldine doing well.