Potential oil spill devastation highlighted in new book

Sea Shepherd Australia has released a book looking at the issue of drilling exploration programs in the Great Australian Bight.

‘Jeedara: An Ancient Place, An Alliance and An Expedition to the Great Australian Bight’ delves into a trip to the Bight and the potential effects of an oil spill.

The book, published this month, was prompted by the permits granted to BP to drill in the Bight, which came soon after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Shepherd last year took the Steve Irwin into the Bight to showcase what would be lost if BP or another oil company was allowed to drill in the region and a similar spill were to occur on a campaign called ‘Operation Jeedara’.

“’Jeedara’ the book highlights the incredible images captured during the expedition,” Sea Shepherd managing director Jeff Hansen said.

“Places like Nuyts reef, Pearson Island – where the welcoming party was Australian endangered sea lions – to the Isles of St Frances and to the Head of Bight, with the iconic Bunda cliffs that soar up to 100 metres vertical straight from the turquoise ocean and home to one of the world’s most significant southern right whale nurseries, where standing there I counted 50 mother and calf pairs at one time with the naked eye.

“To me, nature has always been the greatest show on earth!”

The book takes readers on the expedition to the Great Australian Bight to see nature on a grand scale and highlights one of the last big marine wilderness areas on the planet.

BP has since withdrawn its Bight drilling application, however other companies such as Statoil are scheduled to begin drilling within the next two-and-a-half years.

The book is available now for $39.99.