Faith notes

Not long after Heather and I met she confessed that she thought that I was a hunk.

Now move into the 21st century and one of my granddaughters told me that she’d met a fellow who is gangster.

Somehow the term for good looking has changed in just a few years, from hunk to gangster. However, only a few weeks later the young man is no longer gangster – he’s now swag.

It turns out that swag means sexy with a lot of gangster. I’m still not sure what gangster is but evidently it’s pretty good.

A few years ago we had an Indian young lady join the church.

She told me that when she lived in India that she spoke English well. She then moved to the United States for study.

To her surprise she found that American English was totally different and she had to re-learn so much of what she had previously thought was English.

When she moved to Australia she now felt totally confident in her English speaking ability and knew that she’d have no further problems.

To her horror she found that Australian English is different to American English.

The problem wasn’t the English language, which she really does speak well.

The issue was the slang and cultural and descriptive terms that are peculiar to each nation.

Sometimes, although every word was English, she had no idea what was being discussed.

The message of the Bible is very clear. However, language can change quite rapidly.

I encourage you to get a modern version of the Bible so that it is clear in your heart what God’s message to mankind really is.

Become a regular attender at Bible studies and church on Sunday.

English words may change their meaning but the message is the same. However, we may need help to clarify exactly what our Bibles are saying.

Oldie speak and teenage speak are totally different. However, once you get the meaning of the words the message is the same.

It turns out that, whether I’m really a hunk or swag, Heather thinks that I’m worth keeping.

Pastor Stuart McIlwraith

Oasis Christian Church