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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to luca.cetta@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Fears for Warramboo future

This year Warramboo celebrates their 100 years and within the district are children who are fifth generation.

With the proposed mine I am worried about the future of our district.

I ask people to talk to the affected people not only in the mine area but also the farmers along the corridor about its effect on their lives as this could happen to your area as well.

Please find out more about your rights when a mine developer comes knocking on your door as there are areas all over the state with exploration licences over them.

Once one mine starts others will probably follow.

Even though you have some rights at present the Mining Act is still loaded in favour of the miner.

Agriculture is the biggest employer in South Australia.

The question for the South Australian government is once all the agricultural land is mined or contaminated by mining what are they going to do next?

With agriculture there is a never ending future but with mining there is a limited shelf life.



Mine news is fake news

It seems that fake news has arrived in Australia. 

I refer to the articles printed in the local papers regarding the Iron Road project. 

Iron Road reps do ‘not’ have overwhelming support for this project. This is just not so. 

Recently, Grain Producers SA held grower meetings in four towns to review the Mining Act with over 200 farmers attending. 

One of the four towns was Cummins, which is the meeting we attended. 

Every farmer there was very vocal, passionate and extremely angry about the Iron Road project.

Regards the photo in the Port Lincoln Times at the ‘proposed’ site at Cape Hardy, the Iron Road reps are putting the cart before the horse. 

No farmer has ‘signed off’ on having their farm dissected to accommodate the railway.

Stop the ‘spin’, you do this so you can get investors to commit themselves to paying salaries. 

This project is the most heated debate among the farming communities and all on the negative side. 

There are so many factual reasons to shelve the whole project that it is impossible to think any logical person would okay this mine.

Why have the Iron Road reps changed to referring to the mine as magnetite? It is still low grade iron ore, nothing will change that. 

Again with the ‘spin’. 



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Views have been mixed on Iron Road’s planning Central Eyre Iron Project.

The council wants to work with Iron Road to reconfigure roads!? The local Warramboo community has been waiting for well over a year for the council to meet with us (as they assured us they would) so we can have a voice in how roads should be reconfigured. This proposed mine is going to have huge consequences for us socially and in the logistics of running our farming businesses.


In the last 30 years alone Wudinna district’s population has dropped by over 1000. A lot of that is due to farms getting bigger. Other towns around the area like Kyancutta, Yaninee and Minnipa were all once booming towns, slowly one by one their populations decreased. Minnipa and Yaninee both had schools, word there is Had. If something doesn't change and bring more families into the Wudinna district area this too will happen to Wudinna.