New coastal trail a decade-long team effort

After half a decade’s effort, the Elliston Coastal Trail is ready to be opened.

On Sunday, May 7, the Elliston District Council will have the pleasure of hosting the federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey who will formally open the Elliston Coastal Trail, followed by a community barbecue.

It has not been an easy ride over the years for a council as small as ours to undertake a project of this size, which affects so many interests.

However, without the support of a united council, our commonwealth and state government funding partners, and the timely assistance of Mr Ramsey at a crucial point, it would have been impossible.

I want to formally record the council’s thanks to its funding partners and to Mr Ramsey for their efforts to bring this project to fruition.

I also want to pay tribute to the Wirangu for their support of this coastal trail project and the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration they have bought to it.

There will be time for celebrating this achievement on the day and I encourage any friends of Elliston across the Peninsula to keep that weekend free - you can check out the coastal trail, enjoy a snag on us and fish off our newly-restored jetty.

It has been a quiet few months with the jetty out of action, so any visitors are even more welcome in Elliston than is usually the case.

Anxious Bay Boat Ramp upgrade plans

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrasrtucture is conducting a survey of all stakeholders who use and enjoy the Anxious Bay Boat Ramp in preparation for an upgrade at either the present location or a better location.

If you are even an occasional boat ramp user, I strongly encourage you to participate in the survey so we can make it as comprehensive a review of this area’s needs as possible.

The survey is available from the council offices and can also be found online at or alternatively it can be emailed upon request.

Completed surveys can be returned to the council offices or emailed to

Kym Callaghan

Elliston District Council chairman