A word from Far West Football Association president Ron Redford

Ahead of the new season starting this weekend I would like to address players, clubs and supporters.

The opening games of the season can impact enormously in what attitudes are adopted by potential players, supporters and volunteers.

This why the club committees and players should be obligated to making sure they have prepared properly for the opening of the new season.

One of the ongoing problems in country football is the lack of volunteers. This happens because in many cases they get nothing in return for the effort they put in week in and week out and I am not talking about monetary benefits.

For a club to have a vibrant volunteer base, it must have a mindset of making sure the players are ready to perform from the outset.

That is the benefit the volunteers crave.

It is very much a two-way street and you will achieve better results if everyone is on the same page in wanting to achieve success for your club both on and off the ground.

Gate taking, club attendance after the games and club functions are the life blood of all country football clubs, but it will not happen if the preparation has not been put in place.

If we wish for Far West football to remain strong and competitive in the home and away season this is a must.

As football managers, every football club committee should understand that if they want people to attend our local football we must provide a product they are happy to support.

We all must do our part to ensure this happens, give our supporters, volunteers and visitors something to be proud of.

I will leave to those who attend the games on Saturday to make judgement on whether they believe the players and the club management have prepared diligently for the 2017 season.

I look forward to seeing excellent attendances at the matches and wish all clubs every success for the upcoming campaign.

  • Season preview, pages 11-14