Ceduna family thankful for community support after house fire

Out of the devastation of a house fire that saw a local family lose everything has come a strong bond felt throughout the Ceduna community.

Kylie Crisp and Garry Trowbridge’s house went up in flames late last month in a fire sparked by what was believed to be a power cord shorting out.

The home, the family’s belongings and a car was destroyed in the blaze but thankfully Mr Trowbridge and Ms Crisp’s brother Darren, who were both in the house, were unharmed.

The community has come together in the aftermath to donate money and goods to the family.

Ceduna Betta Home Living partnered with LG and Sealy to provide the family with appliances and bedding valued at about $3500, while Foodland, Ceduna Homescene, B’Orbae Hair and Ceduna Furniture have also donated items and a GoFundMe page has been established.

“We were glad to be able to assist Garry and Kylie after they lost everything,” Betta’s Darren Bennett said.

“As a local business, we ask the community to support us so in the event of such terrible circumstances, we feel it’s only right to repay that support whenever we can.”

Shelley Price from Centacare has been working with the family and said she was overwhelmed with the generosity of local businesses and individuals.

“It is times like this that our community really comes together to support those in need,” she said.

That generosity has not gone unnoticed by the family.

“It has been a really great response from the community and we appreciate it,” Ms Crisp said.

“Thanks to everybody in the community for all your kind donations and support and for those who have been asking us how we are going – you think it can be difficult to talk about it, but it can be good.

“A lot of people have offered us stuff and I’ve been telling them thanks, we’ll get back to you because where we are at the moment there’s not much room.

“Centacare have been great too, they found us emergency accommodation and have gone above and beyond to help us.”

Mr Trowbridge and Ms Crisp lived on the farmhouse about 25 kilometres out of Ceduna with their two children Alicia and Jessica.

He said it has been a struggle to get over what happened.

“We have been struggling and now we are trying to work to make some money and get a house,” he said.

“It’s getting past the mental part, I have been having nightmares about it ever since.”

Ms Crisp said it had also been tough on their daughters, aged 13 and 11.

“It has been difficult, especially on the children,” she said.

“Every now and then they look for something but realise there’s nothing – we went back to the house once and they were trying to find sporting medals.”

People can donate to the family via the GoFundMe page or contact Shelley Price at Centacare on 8628 7600.