SALT Energy summit looking for Eyre Peninsula solutions

The Energy Security Working Party for South Australia is hoping local businesses, councils and community representatives will contribute to finding long term solutions for sustainable electricity on Eyre Peninsula at an Energy Security Summit in Port Lincoln next week.

Working party member Steve Sawyer said while there had been a lot of announcements in past months that would improve electricity supply and sustainability for the state, it would do little for Eyre Peninsula. 

Mr Sawyer said the priority was still to upgrade the transmission line into Eyre Peninsula as it would ensure a reliable power supply to the region. 

“Beyond the potential for battery storage at Whyalla a lot of what is happening doesn’t impact on reliability of power to Eyre Peninsula,” he said.

He said the various announcements made by the state government and other organisations in the wake of the blackout were now moving at a “glacial pace”.

“There is still plenty happening but it is happening slowly which is why it’s important that we continue to talk about it and push for a solution,” Mr Sawyer said. 

Fellow working party member Jack Ritchie said the summit, in Port Lincoln on April 24, would be the right place for leaders and community members to discuss Eyre Peninsula’s energy situation and would focus on the solutions for long-term energy security, affordability and sustainability. 

“We will also be discussing the economic potential of capitalising on the natural strengths of the region to be a net energy exporter to the rest of Australia and what economic options, by the way of new industry, can be progressed,” Mr Ritchie said. 

He said the summit would also look at what needed to be put in place to get prices down and enable industries, such as the aquaculture industry, to grow.

“The more representatives we have attending the more we can push the recommendations about security, affordability and regional benefits back to policy makers and get the solutions in place,” he said.