Faith notes

Within a few weeks we will be celebrating Easter. 

There is one thing we won’t be celebrating, that will be the astronomical debt that our various governments have accrued.  

Many businesses including farmers are burdened with heavy debt.  

Families and individuals struggle to make ends meet.

Some lay awake at night wondering if they will ever be able to repay their debt.  

Having caring and understanding creditors is a comfort. 

The worst debt is the one we all have and no hope of ever paying it off.

All accrue this debt regardless of means or who we are.

The debt builds each time we tell a lie, fail to forgive, deceive, speak falsely of someone, and more.

The Bible says each wrong is a sin against God. 

Our actions cause this debt and we all have plenty of it.

No amount of doing good will set us free.

We may need a lifetime to pay off our other debts but we have a loving and merciful God who has paid our sin-debt in full.

At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ coming as Saviour to our world. 

At Easter we celebrate Jesus’ saving-mission, fulfilled with our sin-debt paid off.

This cost God the life of his Son who was sacrificed on the cross.

The cross reminds us of the pain Jesus suffered when he was beaten and crucified for our wrongdoings. 

We also remember God’s pain for his suffering son and his pain in abandoning him while he hung helpless on the cross.

The Easter message is good news for all believers. 

We are sinners but no longer captives to its power. The cross stands forever assuring us of victory over sin, and the resurrection proclaims that victory.

We can be debt free and the victory is ours if we repent of our sins. God gives us a new start with a clean sheet. This is the good news of God’s love which promises peace, comfort and hope to his followers.

Do share this with family and friends and enjoy a blessed and safe Easter.

Uniting Church ministry team member Allen Stott