Penong’s students celebrate women

Students at Penong Primary School turned providers for their mothers in preparing a brunch in honour of the recent International Women’s Day.

The upper primary class was busy over the past few weeks researching and preparing to host the brunch for parents.

The class worked with principal Karen Murray in lesson time to research famous female chefs and to choose recipes that were suitable to serve as brunch.

The children were involved in ordering the ingredients and on the morning of the brunch they, along with Mrs Murray, prepared the sensational variety of dishes for the whole school as well as the mums and grandmothers of the school community, and the playgroup mums who were also invited to go along and enjoy the event.

Ms Murray said the students were enthusiastic about participating.

“It was an opportunity for the children to share a brunch they had prepared for quite a few mums and grandmas who came along, a chance to acknowledge the importance of the day and see it from a local perspective,” she said.

“They loved it and were incredibly enthusiastic to prepare the brunch and be actively involved on the day by helping people.

“A major goal was for the children to gain an understanding about different roles in society and the importance of working together.”