Art and craft gets creativity flowing

The annual Country Women’s Association (CWA) art and craft instruction day recently took place at the Smoky Bay Community Club.

Attending the event were delegated members from Streaky Bay, Wirrulla and Ceduna CWA groups.

The day began with the friendly morning tea followed by a short meeting with all members taking part and offering suggestions for the revamping of the arts and craft day.

It was decided to host the day on the second Monday of September on an annual basis.

It was a unanimous vote that the day needed to be more of a social event and that it should include both members and non-members who could join in the fun and activities.

The host branch for this September will be Streaky Bay.

The creative section of the day began with Glenda Zippel teaching Palm Sunday crosses, some of which were quite perfect.

Arranging flowers in a cup and saucer and a bulb-based container was taught by Fay Kelsh.

The day’s talented group handicraft officer Elaine Kloock then took over to teach the techniques of the new crafts.

These included penny rugs, huckaback on Aida cloth and Bavarian crochet.

At the end of the seminar, which ended at 2pm, all participants showed near-perfect samples they had created throughout the day.