Faith notes

I remember the saying that there are only two things you can be sure of in life: you have to pay taxes; the other is: you are going to die. 

I suggest there is now a third: things are going to change.

As we look back over recent years there has been massive change in Australia, and in our world. 

Change in technology, change in how we communicate, change in values, change in attitudes, change in governments.

Change that has affected us directly and indirectly.

It reminds me of the elderly couple who were driving down the road in their 1969 XT Falcon with its bench seat and column gear shift. 

The wife said to her husband: "Dear can you remember when we first got this car how close we used to sit together. 

The husband replied: "Well dear I'm still sitting in the same position I did back then!"

Some change we plan, other change is beyond our control. Some change is insignificant, other change is quite traumatic. 

With some change we are able to cope pretty well, while other change makes us feel unsettled at times, perhaps even insecure.

People handle change in different ways. 

Some people just battle on; they try their hardest to cope with the change that's happening in their life.

Other people aren't prepared to face the change, they try to ignore it or pretend it isn't happening. 

Some people try and escape the effects of change by running away. Some try to overcome the effects of change by using alcohol or drugs.

But we don't have to deal with the effects of the changes in our life on our own. 

Jesus said He is with us at all times.  The Bible tells us that: "Your strength will equal your days." 

That's a powerful promise. God is assuring us that whatever change happens in our life; no matter how traumatic the experience is, God will give us the strength to cope with that change.

Why not take God at His word and trust Him and rely on the comfort, strength, and peace that He gives.

Pastor Allan Wain, Ceduna Lutheran parish