Upgrades boost Smoky Bay

The Smoky Bay community is confident upgrades to the safe swimming enclosure will keep the structure working for years to come.

Volunteers have been working on structure upgrades to ensure its viability, including welding work.

Annual upkeep has been maintained to ensure barnacle and weed growth is kept in check for the upcoming swimming season.

Over the past three years funds have been raised and galvanised materials assembled to take the enclosure to an even better condition than when it was built.

Marilyn's Muster sponsorship and proceeds generated through the support of many volunteers have contributed most of the funds.

At the time of rebuilding the jetty an ongoing relationship was formed with contractors Ken and Neil Davey, who have contributed their expertise.

With newly-driven piles, quality fittings, new mesh and construction skills, the community is confident the enclosure, which would have cost more than $150,000 to build, will serve for another 40 years.

Marilyn’s Muster and an RAA grant have also raised funds for the new Smoky Bay heritage walking trail that has a building value exceeding $100,000. 

Residents and caravan park visitors are enjoying the exercise and trail facility, which provides Smoky Bay heritage information, contributes health and brings fellowship to its many users, while children are enjoying the playground upgrades.

The response to design consideration for shelter sheds at Smoky bay is creating a storm and the community will keep an eye on proceedings.