Veteran Graham Gunn has been elected to the Streaky Bay council

New Streaky Bay councillor Graham Gunn.

New Streaky Bay councillor Graham Gunn.

FORMER politician and councillor Graham Gunn will return to the council chambers after winning the Streaky Bay District Council by-election by 109 votes.

The council announced the result on Tuesday, which saw Mr Gunn elected with 255 votes compared to 146 votes for fellow candidate Trudy McGowan.

The election was held to replace former mayor Sherron MacKenzie, who resigned from the district council late last year.

Mr Gunn thanked those who had supported him throughout the election process.

“I am pleased that the electors supported me and elected me to the council,” he said.

Mr Gunn was previously an elected member of the Streaky Bay council between 1966 and 1970, after which he embarked on a four-decade long career in state politics.

“It has been a long time between drinks, a lot has changed and I have led a busy and active life in the meantime,” he said.

“I was keen to see somebody from the outer parts of the council area be elected, as most on the council live in or close to Streaky Bay.

“I now intend to play a crucial role for the Streaky Bay council.”

As a former councillor, as well as Member for Eyre from 1970 to 1997 and then Member for Stuart until 2010, Mr Gunn said he hoped his experience could help the council.

“My purpose is to be supportive, productive and helpful in whichever way I can be.”

The 74-year-old said the key was for Streaky Bay to move forward and grow as a region.

“I will judge each plan and issue on its merits.

“I want to see Streaky Bay move forward, the council has to be active in promoting Streaky Bay.

“We can’t see situations like getting in the way of people building houses and things like that.

“My hope is for the money raised by the council from the hard-working community members to be responsibly spent,” Mr Gunn said.